Mike Green Norris Trophy Winner

Now obviously I know Chara ended up with the Norris Trophy and ya, he’s an excellent defenseman and captain but I whole heartedly believe Mike Green should have won this award.  With 20 more points and 31 goals and the exact same plus minus and nearly the same ice time I thought he would win for sure.  Honestly, when was the last time a defenseman scored 30 goals in a season?  The argument that Chara is better defensively is true, but he is not that much better that it overcomes Mike Green’s ridiculous point per game numbers and powerplay help.  In the new NHL where the offensive puck moving defenseman is so coveted how can the the best one out of all of them win this award.  It’s not like he can’t play defense, he is rock solid back there.  I think the NHL has something against giving the younger players these prestigious awards.  Yes, Ovechkin is young and wins awards but he is a force that is unmatched.  It was the same thing with the Vezina Trophy voting, Steve Mason came in second but a very far far second which is crazy.  He is and will be a better goaltender then Tim Thomas (don’t even get me started on him), there is no reason this voting wasn’t closer and it boggles my mind how sometimes these proven players get these awards even if an unproven player has a better year.

Some Mike Green cribs action for your entertainment…



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