Balsillie Not Done

Jim Balsillie does not seem to be giving up his bid to control an NHL franchise.  He is steadfast on this and absolutely believes he will be bringing a franchise to Hamilton, ON at some point.

Jim Balsillie isn’t giving up on his quest to bring an NHL team to Hamilton even though a U.S. bankruptcy judge has rejected the Canadian billionaire’s bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. Balsillie’s spokesman Bill Walker says the ruling from Redfield T. Baum is just the latest step in the process.

During a news conference in Toronto today Walker said the Balsillie group wants fans to voice their support and will be emailing members of its Make It Seven website in the coming days to explain how they can get involved.

Balsillie’s lawyer Richard Rodier also attended the news conference. Balsillie was not there.

“The commitment remains completely unchanged,” said Walker. “He’s committed to Hamilton, he’s committed to Copps Coliseum. He just sees this as another day at work, another day at the office.”

Rodier said the Balsillie camp is willing to negotiate with the NHL on bringing the Coyotes to Hamilton but that the league has not approached Balsillie.

Rodier said the next step was to speak to Jerry Moyes, the Coyotes’ majority owner.

Baum’s much anticipated ruling came down Monday night, nearly a week after a dramatic hearing in his Phoenix court.”

I have read in other articles that the main issue involved with this legal scenario was the fact the NHL did not want to appear like it has lost control of its own assets (franchises) and is still in control of the operations more then the fact that they opposed to the move to Hamilton.  I think the move to Hamilton is the right move, I really do.  Phoenix is not and has not worked out, they are bankrupt and this was their way out.  I understand Bettman’s feeling that he does not want to appear to have little control over the business operations of its franchises as well as not wanting to move the franchise that soon.  Saying that, I personally think that this is mostly a Gary Bettman vendetta against Balsillie and this being his latest attempt to move a franchise to Ontario.  I agreed with Bettman on not moving Pittsburgh or Nashville (for the most part) but this is something that needs to happen in Pheonix as they are bankrupt.



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