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Boston vs. Flyers Winter Classic 2010

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So it’s looking more and more like the Boston Bruins will be playing the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2010 winter classic.  This is a little disappointing as I think they could have picked a better team to play the Bruins, maybe one with a little more rivalry flair to it.  It will be a great game as usually no matter what teams play, we’ll see if they decide to add that second game…



Jay Bouwmeester to Flyers?

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Now obviously this would be very difficult for the Flyers to do with their present salary cap situation but there is no doubt they are a major candidate to land him.  It is no secret that they are after him as we have know for awhile and Paul Holmgren has come out recently and admitted it publicly as well.  Now it is nearly guaranteed that Jay Bo will be dealt by the draft so unless the Flyers can free some salary in another trade before this or do so when acquiring is negotiating rights then this can not take place.  The Flyers need D as this is their weak point and everyone knows it.  They will doubtfully get rid of Briere with that salary unless they package him with van Riemsdyke which is very likely.  This would work out well for Philly as they have plenty of young snipers around but lack that top d-man to win a cup.  Look out if they do end up acquiring him.


Mike Green Norris Trophy Winner

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Now obviously I know Chara ended up with the Norris Trophy and ya, he’s an excellent defenseman and captain but I whole heartedly believe Mike Green should have won this award.  With 20 more points and 31 goals and the exact same plus minus and nearly the same ice time I thought he would win for sure.  Honestly, when was the last time a defenseman scored 30 goals in a season?  The argument that Chara is better defensively is true, but he is not that much better that it overcomes Mike Green’s ridiculous point per game numbers and powerplay help.  In the new NHL where the offensive puck moving defenseman is so coveted how can the the best one out of all of them win this award.  It’s not like he can’t play defense, he is rock solid back there.  I think the NHL has something against giving the younger players these prestigious awards.  Yes, Ovechkin is young and wins awards but he is a force that is unmatched.  It was the same thing with the Vezina Trophy voting, Steve Mason came in second but a very far far second which is crazy.  He is and will be a better goaltender then Tim Thomas (don’t even get me started on him), there is no reason this voting wasn’t closer and it boggles my mind how sometimes these proven players get these awards even if an unproven player has a better year.

Some Mike Green cribs action for your entertainment…


Winter Classic X2

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EJ Hradek of ESPN reports that the NHL is planning a doubleheader on Jan. 1, 2010, with Winter Classic games at Fenway Park in Boston and “Calgary’s McMahon Stadium, the site of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1988 Winter Olympics.” Initial reaction: Awesome, and as long as the gimmick is confined to one day on the NHL calendar, doubleheaders are a welcome (though hopefully not annual)

This is one of the best ideas the NHL has had in recent memory, obviously right up there with the inaugral winter classic.  I would be exstatic if they did it at Fenway too, I would get tickets in an instant!  Let’s all hope this happens, this would be huge for the NHL.Winter Classic


Goligoski Signs

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The Pittsburgh Penguins signed defenseman Alex Goligoski to a three-year contract on Wednesday. The 23-year-old was the third-leading scorer amongst rookie defenseman last season with six goals and 14 assists in 45 games. He also played in two games of the playoffs and registered an assist to aid Pittsburgh in earning its third Stanley Cup title in franchise history. “Alex is a skilled young defenseman and a tremendous skater, and we are pleased to sign him to a multi-year deal as we continue to build our young core,” said Pittsburgh general manager Ray Shero. “He gained some valuable experience this season and made contributions to our Stanley Cup run. He is another example of a great future here in Pittsburgh.”

Quality signing by the Penguins depending on how much they gave him, I would guess in the 2-3 million dollar ranger as he is a young up and coming d-man.  Good solid d-man who is likely to be a solid top 4 option for years to come, good stuff locking him up even if it is only for 3 years.

Goligoski laying a hit on Alfie-#19

Balsillie Not Done

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Jim Balsillie does not seem to be giving up his bid to control an NHL franchise.  He is steadfast on this and absolutely believes he will be bringing a franchise to Hamilton, ON at some point.

Jim Balsillie isn’t giving up on his quest to bring an NHL team to Hamilton even though a U.S. bankruptcy judge has rejected the Canadian billionaire’s bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. Balsillie’s spokesman Bill Walker says the ruling from Redfield T. Baum is just the latest step in the process.

During a news conference in Toronto today Walker said the Balsillie group wants fans to voice their support and will be emailing members of its Make It Seven website in the coming days to explain how they can get involved.

Balsillie’s lawyer Richard Rodier also attended the news conference. Balsillie was not there.

“The commitment remains completely unchanged,” said Walker. “He’s committed to Hamilton, he’s committed to Copps Coliseum. He just sees this as another day at work, another day at the office.”

Rodier said the Balsillie camp is willing to negotiate with the NHL on bringing the Coyotes to Hamilton but that the league has not approached Balsillie.

Rodier said the next step was to speak to Jerry Moyes, the Coyotes’ majority owner.

Baum’s much anticipated ruling came down Monday night, nearly a week after a dramatic hearing in his Phoenix court.”

I have read in other articles that the main issue involved with this legal scenario was the fact the NHL did not want to appear like it has lost control of its own assets (franchises) and is still in control of the operations more then the fact that they opposed to the move to Hamilton.  I think the move to Hamilton is the right move, I really do.  Phoenix is not and has not worked out, they are bankrupt and this was their way out.  I understand Bettman’s feeling that he does not want to appear to have little control over the business operations of its franchises as well as not wanting to move the franchise that soon.  Saying that, I personally think that this is mostly a Gary Bettman vendetta against Balsillie and this being his latest attempt to move a franchise to Ontario.  I agreed with Bettman on not moving Pittsburgh or Nashville (for the most part) but this is something that needs to happen in Pheonix as they are bankrupt.


Heatley and Lecavalier Rumor

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Another one of Eklund’s dirty little rumors that has a 5% chance of happening and that is being optimistic.  I will blog about it anyway and give you my analysis on it.

“Here is the rumor to top all rumors. Dany Heatley would be sent to LA. Vinny Lecavalier would be sent to Ottawa and The Lightning would get a lot in return. Several solid picks, Jack Johnson, and two big time prospects from Ottawa…Some names of which I was given off the record, so I need to talk to a few people first. Somehow in this deal as well a top scoring forward from the Flyers ends up in LA for the 5th overall pick..(pending the player is willing to waive a NTC)”

There is more to his reasoning or defending of this rumor on his site.  From what I see this would seemingly work out on paper, minus the whole 4 million bonus Heatley is owed, which I have discussed in earlier posts, and also if Heatley is willing to go to LA.  Apparently the player from Philly being traded needs to waive his no trade clause as well making this even more unlikely.  I don’t see it happening, so take it how you will.

Here is a little Heatley humor for ya